10 things to do together before you get married

animals-1320796_1280     Marriage  is the ultimate celebration for a couple💕❤💓❤💕.  Personnaly i think  becoming  a parent  is the ultimate celebration😉.Marriage means that two people are willing to dedicate their lives to each other. it’s actually aggreing to put someone else above you. it’s a huge committement couples we shouldn’t take slightly. Before thinking that it’s something  spontaneous and easy to do. think twice. i’ve learned the hard way that one of the most important things to do before saying” yes i do💒💑”  is knowing your partner to a very deep level and this below is a list of 10 things that cannot go uncheck when trying to know your partner and before tying the knot.

1.Travel together: travelling creates a lot of tensions!!😌. all of the headaches due to the planning, scheduling, packing , waitting, unpacking.  yes it can be headache 😓. i don’tkno how you guys react to travel arrangements but i am mostly stressed out like crazy!! Travelling let’s you have some insight on how good of a team you make together. while travelling, you’ll learn how to face new and unknown situations . Being  Away from familiar surroundings  and friends is a great way to challenge your relationship. you know what’s  also great about travelling with hubby alone and away? you get to see your partner out of his(her) comfort zone!!!. yes you get to share the same room, same bathroom and a small space for few days!!. if neither of you  go crazy and come back together as a couple   . thumbs up!!! 👍step. 1 check! ✔🎉🎊🎋.

2.Become his (her) bestfriend: Friendship is one of the most important componment to a         succesfull marriage or any other  relationship. it’s usually  begins with a commun groung, but like we all know building up friendship take time and effort. it needs investment from both partners. it’s also true that people don’t become besties overnight😁😉. if you’re one of those couple who got married precosly , you need to establish some couple time few days a week, get the time to catch up  and spend some quality time together.

3.Talk about Present and futur finances: now i have to agree with the experts, this the the dark beast in every relationship. it’s also the number one source of stress and divorce  according to a survey conducted by Suntrust. when people are living separately they make decision based on their own needs. with marriage the game obviously change, and it can be quit hard to transition from spending freely your  money to having restrictions.

4 . Have the baby talk: well well remember those big  cheeks, pretty little feet?? you partner may not be as eager as you to be parent , and this can bring a lot of misunderstand in a relationship. why?  well because misunderstanding not being in love and not being ready for a family is easy for somebody who have a baby fever😌😳.

5 .Know your respective families and close friends: when you marry a person you take in their family of origin and also their close friends . they become part of your family and you  do the same. you cannot go sight blinded in a marriage, family in laws can be assets to use or menace in you relationship. so be carefull and take time to know your new family.

6 .Have a big fight at least once: you don’t want to go into a marriage without seeing your partner at his(her) worst. angry, in rage all crazy, you need to see that side .you may never know what might happen if you don’t , you can just think that he’s sweet and quiet and the day he blows up, you call 911😱😷. fighting is actually healthy for a couple( the good fight). I always say that people that do not let out their anger are potential bombs and can explode at any time.

7 .Share a responsability: get a pet, or buy something together that you have to pay for and care for  together. set a payment plan and see at what level your responsability skills are at. In a marriage , a couple must share all the responsabilties equally, you dont want to be arguing on who takes out the trash, who pay the bills, this kind of stuff have to be decided on and talked about before getting married.

8 .Spend some time apart: i’ve heard people say that spending time apart is the best way to stay together. Alone time is the healthiest thing to do for a relationship. It’s gives every partner time to  decompress ,relax, think and secure his identity outside of the marriage or the relationship. it quit easy to loose yourself in a relationship and grow dependant. spending time apart revive attraction, it’s restore the magic of the relationship.  it can also help the partner realise that they cannot take their “ones” for granted.

9 . Have sex  and a lot of it!!: yes i kept the good stuffs for the end😈😈, sex is one of the most essential ways of expressing affection ,relieve tensions, reconnect and also fix problems in a relationship ( yes sex help😜😜). you don’t want to have a bad surprise and find yourself in a situation where there’s no compatibility, sex drive is crazy different, preferences are miles apart. we can all see that trouble will settle in, so honey if you get the chance , test the waters before jumping in. having sex before getting   married also hep on knowing how good of  team players you make, oh yes that’s right👉👉 everything keep coming back to being a good team mate.


10 . Tell each other your deepest secret, desires, fantaisies, life goals. in general know your “One” haven’t heard about  those couple that have been married for 20 years and don’t know their partners preferences? i mean life preferences😵😵. yes it happens, what would you do if you learned that your partner was bisexual and you lived with him (her) during 20 years? well, let’s me know.😏😚


Nadia . huggs😘



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